The Easiest Way to get started on a healthier you
Mason Berglund has received his degree in Exercise Science from Eastern Washington University while serving as a college football coach from 2014-2017 at his alma mater. He has a passion for fitness and athletics as he is also working as a coach at Davis High School currently.
Mason wants to help everyone along their journey to reach their dream goals in the fitness world through hard work, consistency, and performing excellent technique. He spreads high energy and motivation to assist you to achieve goals. 

"I specialize in athletes who want to develop power, strength, and conditioning so that they can continue their athletic passion at a college level"
Jacob McManamon is a NASM certified personal trainer who started his fitness journey at a young age with Track and Field then moving onto MMA. He found a love for fitness once he got into the weight room and started to push his body past its limits!

"I help parents who want to get back into shape become the most confident version of themselves by teaching them to create healthy habits so that they can live happier and healthier lives for their children"
 The three pillars
Pillar #1: Fitness
You need to work out! But you also need direction. That's where we come in, we provide you with high quality instruction fit for any experience or fitness level that is catered toward you and your goals.

Every person has unique goals. Why give you a cookie cutter program when it won't give you exactly what you want? Our trainers specialize in helping individuals with specific needs so that you can get EXACTLY what you want so that you can reach your goals without wasting time (and money)
Pillar #2: Nutrition
You know you need to eat well. But it also needs to be sustainable. We will teach you how to eat for your goals while not feeling like you are starving yourself.

We understand that there is SO MUCH INFORMATION pulling you in all different directions and it can be difficult to know what will work for you. That's why we provide you with nutritional programming suited to YOU and YOUR goals as well as your specific preferences.

Why go to a gym AND a nutritionist when you can get both in one place? Save yourself some time AND some money!
Pillar #3: Accountability
You need someone or something keeping you motivated. You can have the best training and nutrition programs IN THE WORLD, but if you don't do it consistently, you'll never get to your desired outcome.

Get paired with your coach for life who is here to help YOU reach YOUR goals! Your coach will help with your individual program to make sure we give you everything you need to stay consistent, motivated, and successful!
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